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The true story about T.S.D. Intertrade Co.,Ltd Pineapple & Juice Production

Most packers in pineapple industry depends virtually on conventional quantities delivery from independent growers. In T.S.D. Intertrade Co., Ltd. pineapple and juice production, we avoid peak season when ripeness of fruits so short and off peak when quality are relatively poor as good fruits normally go to fresh market. At T.S.D. Intertrade, we look at consistency of fruits intake harvested a right fruits at the right time to put in cannery for packing and squeeze into pineapple juice to make juice concentrates from our own 3,500 acres plantations and from contract growers with acrage of more than 10,000 acres in Rayong Province and Southeasten region of Thailand. By this methodology of 11 months production management, we can assure you of consistency taste of T.S.D. Intertrade Co., Ltd.ís pine and quality all year around, not to mention steady supply. You can count on delicious fruit and juice under T.S.D. Intertrade Co., Ltd.ís Brand with Just price.

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